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    Aluminum window systems satisfy all of the requirements in order for you to have as much comfort as possible. All the windows are classifier as a higher-quality even if they are fixed, hinged or sliding windows. 
    They can be made in a large variety of shapes, covering big surfaces, countless colors, effects or insertions in the window.
    In order to make high-quality windows in terms of thermic and phonic insulation, you can choose to order triple thermo-insulating windows with low-E glass, shatterproof, laminated, clear, colored, or with mirror, and also to have mosquito-nets or different types of sun-shades


   Aluminum systems for swinging doors are very well integrated in the architectural style of any environment and resistant to any atmospheric condition
    They are very safe, have a well robust structure and don’t deform. They meet all the requirements for design and function and also for insulation. Profiled aluminum systems are classified as a higher quality and higher performance class
    They can also be manufactured in a great variety of shapes and sizes, having countless colors, insertion and effects and covering great surfaces.
    These types of doors can also be made or later added with a dampening system, anti-panic bar for fireproof doors, or access control system 



     Sliding doors are unique, each having its own identity. They can be made in a great variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and are very well suited for any type of home. 

  • Each slider and be assembled in an existing space or hole, or they can be mounted from the upper crosspiece of the door. So, the slider can be hidden in the wall or in the mounting for the door.

  • The sliders are made from stainless steel, with a unique shine. They can be round, oval or rectangular and are very silent while functioning

  • In order for the door to function as it should, we attach a piece for the stabilization of the glass, which keeps it from balancing

  • To each end of the slider, there are stoppers, in order to limit the travel of the glass. There are also hydraulic stoppers, which dampen the impact through braking. 

  • The glasses have different thicknesses, and can be carefully chosen by the client. Each glass can be personalized with e model that can be made through sanding on the glass, or the painted glass, or we can apply a print on the glass

  • Sliding doors can be equipped with stainless steel handles or other types to bring a touch of elegance and style into your home. 


Bioclimatic pergolas

     Bioclimatic pergolas with automatic rotating blades ensure natural air circulation, regulation of sun shading and protection from rain. The environment is controlled by remote control with the possibility of integrating adjacent elements. The state-of-the-art rotation mechanism integrates a unique and patented rotation system, completely hidden and embedded in one of the blades, to ensure full reliability as well as quiet operation. Strong enough, the pergolas can cover large areas of up to 30 square meters, with support on only 4 uprights (support pillars). The special water tightness and drainage system has been designed down to the smallest detail to prevent rainwater infiltration. Efficient sealing along the entire water collection and drainage route.

Terase deschise sau Wintergarten

Covering or closing a terrace comes with a lot of benefits representing a good long-term investment. Regardless of the weather outside, it will become the perfect place for the whole family.

Even if its appearance is a canopy or wintergarten, the large windows provide light throughout the day, not darkening the rest of the house.

They are made of dedicated aluminum profiles with simple glass for the version without thermal insulation or with thermal insulation glass in the version with thermal protection being compatible with any locking system (classic, sliding or harmonic). There is a wide range of colors available - RAL palette, structural colors, Wood Color Effect, anode or bi-color.

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