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AF 55.png

      The Aluflam AF55 system is a system made from aluminum profiles that are fire-resistant, dedicated to interior carpentry, having the capacity to delay fire according to class EI30
    The system represents a class of profiles necessary for the construction of simple and double doors and fixed panels for the dividing of interior space. 
    The interior rooms of the profiles are filled with a fire-resistant compound named AESTUVER, which is based on cement, provided by Xella, from Germany. The exterior surfaces of the profiles are covered in a polyester powder. The fixed or swinging carpentry can be equipped with a certified EI30 fire-resistant glass.

  • The maximum sizefor a door with a single wing and a single sheet of glass is 1100 x 2300 mm, and for the door fitted with a traverse is 1100 x 2970 mm

  • The maximum size for a door with 2 wings and a single sheet of glass is 2200 x 2300mm, and for the one fitted with a traverse is 2200 x 2970 mm

  • Maximum size for fixed windows and glasses is 2800 x 3400 mm

        Aluflam AF70 is a fire-resistant profile made for interior and exterior carpentry that is EI60 and EI30 certified.
    The profiles are fitted with a thermic barrier made from polyamide and fiberglass. Median chambers of the profiles are filled with fireproof cement-based AESTUVER compound, made by Xella. The exterior surfaces are cover in polyester powder. This system can be made with a variety of glass elements that are EI60 and EI30 fire-resistant

  • Maximum size for a simple door with a single sheet of glass is 1250 x 2300mm, and for a door with one wing and one traverse is 1250 x 3100mm

  • Maximum size for a simple door with a fixed side panel fitted with a traverse is 3650 x 3100 mm

  • Maximum size for a double door with a single sheet of glass is 2300 x 2300 mm, and for a double door with a traverse is 4700 x 3100mm

  • Maximum size for fixed glass is 4200 x 3100 mm (The size of the windows can be made bigger with up to 20% in height or width without exceeding 21% of the surface.)

AF 70.png

    FR90 is a system for fire protection with a thermic breaking bridge, destined for fire-resistant systems for exterior and interior, being EI60 and EI30 certified. 
    The profile is symmetrical, with a high-grade optimization, having a single type of profile for a fixed frame and a traverse for the wing of the door. 
     The fire protection is being ensured by the compound filling the profile made from gypsum, placed between the plates of thermic separation for class EI30 and in all the chambers for class EI60
   Fire-resistant systems made with FR90 profiles can be fitted with a thermoinsulating glass, double or triple, from 20mm up to 68mm in thickness, panels filled with mineral wool (Up = 0,57 W/m2K), or panels filled with drywall with thickness of up to 60mm


System characteristics:

  • Profile depth: 90mm

  • Phonic Insulation: 39-47db

  • Thermic Insulation up to Uf = 2,145 W/mpK

  • Air breathability: C4 class, EN 12207

  • Wind Resistance: C1 class (400Pa); EN12210

  • Water permeability: A4 class (150Pa); EN 12208


Maximum size for fixed panels with a single sheet of glass: 6000 x 3000 mm
Maximum size for a single winged door: 1650 x 2870 mm
Maximum size for a double winged door: 3170 x 2870 mm

FR 90

    MC-FIRE is a glass curtain wall system used for designing and building curtain walls with fire-resistance, EI60 certified.

    The system is based on a structure made from profiles with a width of 55mm. In order to obtain the most resistance of the fire, the profiles are fitted with special fireproof insertions. 
    The aspect of the facade with fire-resistance is identical with one without fire protection. The efficient protection from Aliplast does not compromise the design and aspect. The solution given by Aliplast through these windows gives architectural freedom and design. 
The large variety of decorative covers, ensure a modern and unique look of the facade.
The colors available are: RAL colors (Qualicoat 1518), Aliplast Wood Color Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anodized finish and bicolor finish.


MC FIREpng.png

     The FR-BR System is the solution offered by Aliplast with gives you freedom to divide large interior spaces for dividing walls.
    They are a great way to divide interior spaces that are also fire-resistant, because the don’t need vertical profiles, and it is possible to build a protective barrier against fires completely transparent up to 4200mm in height and unlimited length. 
The joining element from the glass is made from silicon paste with 2mm width. The putty can be black or grey, and the joining can be masked with other decorative elements. 
    An essential characteristic of the system is the possibility of decorating the walls next-by with any construction-based material, such as wood, aluminum, stainless steel and drywall.
This is the only solution available on the market today that is fitted to make fire-resistant and transparent dividing in the interior, in any RAL color, without having the need of another window, which cuts down costs considerably 
    All the fire barriers made from glass are available in EI30, EI60 and EI90 certified classes

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